Belmond Villa San Michele becomes the venue for an exhibition of Robeto Ghezzi’s art

January 2018. Over the winter, Belmond Villa San Michele has been home to an unusual experiment.

Roberto Ghezzi’s unique art is not just inspired by nature, but created by the elements themselves. The Italian artist takes white canvases or pieces of iron and anchors them outside in wild spaces, leaving the power of water, air, ice, wind and microorganisms to work their magic. He monitors each canvas regularly, collecting it when he considers it’s complete, and preserves it in resin.

In Roberto’s view, no figurative art can represent nature, only nature itself can. Today, an unbelievable number of images are produced through television, tourism and advertising, but he believes they create a barrier between us and nature, preventing us from seeing it properly. Like someone who looks constantly through their camera to capture beauty, rather than absorbing what is in front of their eyes.

Roberto was fascinated by the contrast between the vibrant human presence at Belmond Villa San Michele for much of the year and the silent isolation of winter. He placed 15 canvases of different sizes around the hotel grounds and nearby Montececeri Park and left them to the elements. When judged ready, the canvases will be exhibited at the hotel on illuminated cubes. Further canvases will be left in situ so you can observe the creation process.

And if you’re still curious, you can join a workshop with Roberto. Set off with a simple piece of paper and a brush, then use stones, bark, leaves, sand and water to create a uniquely natural artwork.

Adult and children’s workshops available on request.

The exhibitions are open to the general public.

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The Art of Nature

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